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Bobby Blair & Paul Saulnier

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Holliston Reporter Announces 2017 Outstanding Achievers

by Bobby Blair & Paul Saulnier 12/11/2017




Veterans Day, November 11, 2017

by Bobby Blair & Paul Saulnier 11/12/2017

All veterans in attendance this Veterans Day stop for a group picture before going into Town Hall for a lunch donated by the VFW, American Legion, the Lions and veteran Don Bates.


No more pencils, no more books

by Bobby Blair & Paul Saulnier 7/27/2017

They can demolish the Flagg School but not the decades of memories of the kids who went there.



Holliston in Bloom Committee Gears up for Next Year

by Bobby Blair & Paul Saulnier 12/8/2014

With three very successful campaigns behind them, HIB (Holliston in Bloom) members began planning for the 2015 beautification of and more awards for Holliston.