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About Us

Who Are We?

Locals:  We are four reporters/editors who have resided in Holliston for a total of more than 210 years.

Civic: We do now or have held town elected offices, voluntarily served on various town committees dealing with town affairs such as sewers, school housing, medical emergencies, water supply, the library, town meetings and elections.

Community: Over the years we have been involved with scouting, youth athletics, veteran groups, church committees, the library, the garden club, parades and the many varied town social events.

Families: Collectively we have had 10 children (one girl) in the Holliston school system; one of us is a product of the Holliston school district.

Academics: We hold advanced degrees in education, business administration and engineering.

Employment History: We have wide and varied work experience in teaching, government work, university and hospital administration, public radio and self-employment.

The Future: We intend to provide our readers with unbiased reporting of town committee meetings, events and activities. We will sometimes offer opinions and solicit comments and opinions from our readers. We encourage writers on any and all subjects related to Holliston to contribute articles for publication, but it is not our intent to provide a community blog.

We hope to be a part of the community, to inform residents of the issues that affect the welfare of our children, seniors, farmers, families, religious organizations, and the quality of life in Holliston.

We are, individually: Bobby Blair, Paul Saulnier, Bill Tobin and Nancy Farrell.