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Green Community-Stretch Code

by Judy Grosjean 4/22/2014

It looks like Holliston is rapidly moving towards becoming a Green Community, which calls for us to adopt an enhanced energy-preserving building code—the Stretch Code. Conforming to the Stretch Code is no small potatoes for new construction, but for antique buildings it can be an even bigger issue. The difficulty and expense can tip the scales towards tearing down and starting from scratch. Green is great, but can there be a balance between energy efficiency and preserving our antique buildings?



New Book about Holliston

by Judy Grosjean 12/10/2013


Historical Society Annual Meeting

by Judy Grosjean 5/7/2013

The Historical Society elected officers for 2013-14 at its annual meeting.


Holliston Historical Society Hosted 18th Century Days 2012

by Judy Grosjean 5/10/2012

Once again this year, the Holliston Historical Society in collaboration with HEPTSA hosted the entire Third Grade for a fun-filled trip back in time.  With the indispensable help of volunteers -- both parents and members of the Holliston Historical Society -- the students experienced aspects of 18th Century living.