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One Year After

by Herb Brockert 8/10/2016

Originally published in January, 2012. Traveling to India one year ago, with my friend Paul Saulnier, has left me with some interesting and beautiful memories. I felt a personal satisfaction helping to improve the sanitation issues at the school where we installed a leaching system.   We felt like important dignitaries as the kids greeted us with enthusiastic smiles and cheerful good morning wishes when we walked around the village.



The Fire at the Timothy Leland House

by Herb Brockert 3/6/2011

The Fire at the Timothy Leland House I was just a small boy but I remember the telephone call that cold December day when I heard my mother say “Oh my God, Bill’s house is on fire”. Bill was my uncle, and owned a house on Concord Street in Holliston.


A Visit to an Ashram

by Herb Brockert 2/27/2011

A Visit to an Ashram I asked Herb to go to India with me because of his experience installing septic systems and because I knew that he could show the folks over there the tricks of the trade. He had been to India on two occasions and knew what to expect. He agreed to write about his experience in Nansad but he also wanted to describe his other trips there. Paul Saulnier.



Constructing a Septic System in India

by Herb Brockert 2/19/2011

Constructing a Septic System in India As an excavating contractor and building a multitude of leaching fields over the years, I thought I knew just what size machines, the type of crushed stone required and the minimum selection of tools necessary to build a septic system.   Then I travelled to Nansad, India.