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Holliston Students Consistently Bring Beauty to the Schools

by Pat Montain


Placentino and Miller students continue to hone their gardening skills during the summer months.  These students worked diligently to fill two flower boxes and three large flower vases with magnificent plants. This summer’s plantings provided the most variety of flowers used to date. Flowers consisted of zinnias, petunias, begonias, as well as a variety of other plants.

Placentino students prepared a flower box and two large flower vases.  The flowers will grace Placentino’s front doors and kindergarten doors. The Miller students prepared a flower box and one large flower vase.  These flowers will grace Miller’s front doors.  These students will continue to water and maintain these flowers throughout the summer months.

These gardening projects are possible through a generous grant from the Holliston Garden Club. Annie Hale, a member of the Holliston Garden Club, provides guidance and instruction to the Holliston students and staff regarding planting and caring for the flowers. Holliston’s Arcadian Farms provides generous support for these school gardening projects.

The next gardening project will be mums to welcome the new academic school year. Until then, enjoy the summer. Come by to see the variety of flowers gracing the doors of the Placentino and Miller schools.