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A Holliston Community Calendar

by Pat Duffey

I am happy to announce the Roll out of my Holliston Calendar.  There are so many great events going on in this town with volunteer and fundraising opportunities galore.  I thought it would be helpful for those planning these events to have a Town Wide calendar to assist in scheduling and avoiding conflicts. 

I have inserted a few dates to get things started.  I’m happy to add all of your events.  Just send an email to me with the details of your event and I’ll enter them for you.  I’ll do my best to keep this up to date.  Click HERE to email me your event.

You can always click on my business card on Holliston to be linked directly to the calendar or you can bookmark

You can also find it on my Facebook page at:

I hope that everyone finds this helpful.  I’d love to hear any comments or suggestions.

Comments (2)

Great idea!

Pam | 2014-07-03 19:20:26

Thank you for doing this Pat. It's a great idea .

Michelle Zeamer | 2014-06-30 03:58:11