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by Paul LeBeau


It was recently brought to our attention that the Holliston Water Department’s 2012 Consumer Confidence Report did not comply with all of the content requirements of 310 CMR 22.16A of the Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations.  This notice is to inform you that an amended version of the 2012 CCR will be provided to you along with the new 2013 CCR on or before June 20, 2014.  There are no issues with the drinking water at this time.    

For more information, please contact the Holliston Water Department at 508-429-0603 or via email to Douglas R. Valovcin, Water Superintendent, at

Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly.  

This notice is being sent to you by the Holliston Water Department, 

PWS ID # 2136000, February 7, 2014

Comments (1)

there maybe no concerns as of now, but for my family I will not drink the towns water... it is nasty smelling, tasting and it is dirty.. we are have constant dark brown water, the smell is overwhelming and I would not even give it to the dog.. sorry that this town can not fix this situation... so sad

Sick of dirty water | 2014-02-08 11:50:05