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Pantry Shelf and the Gov't Shutdown

by Carl Damigella

Though you may not think that the government shut-down is affecting your neighbors, we, at The Holliston Pantry Shelf, have become increasingly aware that this is not just a headline in the paper.  This very real and tangible situation is affecting many many families in our community.  Though it is predicted that the government subsidized food programs such as WIC and SNAP (food stamps) should have funding for at least the month of October, there are families not using these programs, but whose income is government based.  These families have no current income.  They are being severely affected by this situation.  


There are two messages we have for the community:

First, if your family is without income right now and is struggling to pay bills and keep food on the table, please don’t hesitate to use The Pantry.  We know how difficult it is to walk through our door, but this is why we are here:  Our door is open and we want to help.  We understand that this will introduce our programs to a sub-set of our community who, under normal circumstances, would not need them.   But, in today’s economy, sustaining a home is not easy. Having your entire income suddenly stop, can make it almost impossible.  Our mission has always been that we don’t want anyone in our town to go hungry.  Using The Pantry is a discreet and anonymous experience. 

See Liz Greendale, Town Clerk, to sign up for a card (no questions are asked and no financials are needed).   

Second, we do expect to see an increase in demand as this situation continues.  More than ever, we need food donations.  Even before our concern about this government shut-down, our inventory has been diminishing and reaching a critical level.  You can either mail a financial donation to:

The Holliston Pantry Shelf

P O Box 6662

Holliston, MA 01746


Or drop donations at The Pantry, 23 Water Street.  There is a collection bin right outside the door.   Please be as generous as you can. 


Also, the Holliston High School National Honor Society students will be doing their annual trick-or-treat for The Pantry on Wednesday, October 30th. They will be knocking on your door and accepting as much as you can offer.  This is another great and easy way to contribute.


If you have never donated to The Pantry before, now is a great time to start. 


Thank you for your continued support and for 20 wonderful years of Neighbors Helping Neighbors.


Carl F. Damigella, President
Holliston Pantry Shelf


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Excellent article Carl and thank you for getting the message out - the social programs need to be protected and we need to stop thinking in terms of dollars and cents when we're feeding people who need help -nice job Carl

Lee DeSorgher | 2013-10-07 18:31:19