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Conservation Associates to Host Bird Walk

by Mary Curran

(Note the osprey sitting next to the nest which contains two young birds.)

The Holliston Conservation Associates will be hosting a morning bird walk on
Saturday, June 30th at 8 AM at the Waseeka Audubon Property off Mill Street.  
This was a popular event last year where we watched the nesting osprey and saw a
Great Blue Heron and a Kingfisher, among other species.  Bring bug spray if
desired and binoculars if you have them.  There is a parking lot in the woods on
the right; drive between the trees.

(The great blue heron has just come to rest in a tree)

This is a wonderful way to learn more about one of Holliston’s most valuable
resources.  Hope to see you there.  

(Some of the vegetation along the edge of the pond including sundews, a type of carnivorous plant, growing along the logs.)