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Humans Advances to State Finals

by Bud Dodge


above HHS Drama Cast and Crew Who Advanced to State Finals

...Humans - the little comedy that could - will now join 13 other finalists as they perform one last time on the weekend of March 22-24 at the Back Bay Events Center (old John Hancock Hall) In Boston.

(photo by James Arena-Derosa )

At Saturday's semi-final performance in Brockton, ...Humans won the crowd (and more importantly the judges) over with its clever blend of absurd humor and social commentary. At the conclusion of the evening, Joseph Case High School was named as the first of two performances to advance to the final round. Tensions mounted as the deserving cast, crews and supporters of the remaining schools awaited their fate. When their name was read, the HHS cast and crew exploded in a wild mix of joy, hugs, tears and relief. Similarly, nary a dry eye was to be found amongst the ...Humans rooting section proudly jumping up and down in the back of the auditorium.

Taking home individual awards from the cast and crew were Alessandro Arena-Derosa (The Spaniard) and Nate Burket (The Moody Pessimist) for Performing Excellence, The Humans (Jinny Pollinger, Natasha Ostapovicz, Eliza Dodge, Zack Porter and Patrick Murphy) for Ensemble Performance, and Natasha Ostapovicz for Make-up Design. However, make no mistake about the fact that the success of ...Humans is due to a complete team effort.  While all may not have the opportunity to do so, anyone who is a part of this production rightfully deserves a moment to take the stage to receive an individual award of their own. Of particular note this week is set designer Nancy Baron and crew who worked miracles late into the night on Friday to rebuild large wooden frames from the set which had met its demise earlier that day along Route 24 south in Avon. (Big frames, small truck, high speed, loose ropes ... you get the idea).


Freshman Jess Valli reacting to the good news

 Director Director Brian Hickey holding the semi-final trophy

Further details regarding the METG finals will be available later this week.

Cut and paste this address to yor brouser for a gfreat video of the semi-final awards:

Comments (2)

Had this feeling once before, when 20 or so Holliston Pop Warner kids took on the world in 2006 and beat the likes of Boston and Providence. 141 Schools, and little Holliston is in the final 14. I am hoping for the same result and more. Incredible feat, more to come. Go get 'em Humans

Andy Porter | 2012-03-12 13:37:24

Congratulations to the director, cast, and crew! I cannot wait to see this in Boston! GOOD LUCK to you all!

kathy skerry | 2012-03-12 09:09:58