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Old Houses

by Bea Hait

 We will begin with a show produced for Holliston Cable Access Television in 1991, narrated by Dorothy Rees. Some of the slides are historic photos converted to slides and others are photos taken during the mid 20th century by Fred Cole. Fred had stories to tell; Dorothy researched others, and Joanne Hulbert, Town Historian, will add some that she has uncovered. Admission is free, but donations are welcome to help Holliston Historical Society preserve the historical collections (clothes, tools, photos, artifacts, letters, paintings and more) of Holliston’s past.

Drive through the center of Holliston and you will see elegant old homes from several periods. Walk around downtown and you will see details of stained glass windows and outbuildings. Watch a slide show of the old houses of Holliston, and you will learn the history of those homes down through the years.

Imagine the Littlefield Tavern with its moveable walls opened to make a ballroom. Learn about the Batchelder home—George Batchelder developed a cranberry variety named Holliston. Its root stock is stored at the Cranberry Station in Wareham to this day. And see the Historical Society in its original location without porches.
If you live in an old house, you may learn something about your property. If you are just curious about these houses, like many of us are, please join us March 14.