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Semester in Cape Town: Part 3

by Bella Tobin

Camps Bay was the first stop, and although I had already been to that beach, I  got to view it from above to appreciate the contrast of the white sand against the light blue ocean.


We didn’t stay there long, and moved on to Simon’s Town, which has a beach reserved for African penguins.

 File:508px-African.penguin.bristol.750pix (Pingstone).jpg

The penguins are really cute and small, about the size of a seagull. The beach was full of them standing there sunbathing.

We then drove to Ocean View, which was where many black people were moved to during apartheid. They talked about their town, the history and what they hoped for the future. We had a nice buffet lunch and then the young people in the town put on a show. It was spectacular and I was really impressed by all the performances. Lucille, about 14 years old with an incredible voice, sang a solo for us with a strong and mature voice. It was so incredible that it gave me goose bumps.Then a group of boys put on  hilarious dances/skits with great showmanship.  I’m sure if they were in America they would be on So You Think You Can Dance or something of the sort. The performance was really creative. They were called the Unknown Crew and wore masks. They were flipping and break dancing and moving in incredible ways, not the usual high school kids.


Cape of Good Hope is the southernmost point in South Africa and divides the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. It was so beautiful, a cliff straight out of the water. The walk down was pretty treacherous but it was so worth seeing such a beautiful view.


On the way back we saw baboons! They were just casually walking along the road.


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fav uncle | 2012-02-08 22:04:49

Be careful of those baboons-they are absolutely full of mischief. I had one steal an ice cream I was eating while out on Cape Point. It came out of nowhere, swiped the ice cream from me, and then ate it in front of me...If they get in your room, they will go through everything trying to scam food...very sneaky, but also a little cute!

Aly | 2012-02-08 08:57:22