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Update on Michelle Brown in Antartica

by Michelle Brown

I will be in McMurdo Station until December 15th working with a research group that is doing environmental monitoring here at the base.  In mid-December I will then fly to the South Pole and beyond to update field equipment at a space weather station.  During these expeditions, I will be blogging daily for the public and my students and conducting live web events for my and other classes.  Here are a few details in case you missed them:

  • Journals:  I am posting a journal every day about my experiences here. You can check out the ones about my stay at McMurdo station here.  In mid-December I will be traveling to the South Pole and beyond, which you can learn about here.  You can ask questions to me or my research team in the "Ask the Team" section of the page. 
  • Live Web Event:  On December 1st at 12 pm CST we will be celebrating Antarctica Day with a live web event.  If you know teachers or students who would be interested in logging on and learning about Antarctica, its wonders, and the Antarctic Treaty, you should send them the information at the bottom of this email. 

Twitter:  You can follow me on twitter at: 

Thank you for your time and I hope you can learn about Antarctica through my journals. Feel free to spread the word about my expeditions.


Information about how to register and log in to the Antarctica Day live event:

I will be hosting a live web event to inform you and your students about Antarctica Day on December 1st at 12:00 AM CST (9AM Alaska Standard time, 10AM PST, 11AM MST, 12AM CST, 13PM EST).

In this live event, Chuck Kennicutt, a famous researcher from Texas A&M University involved in the environmental monitoring research here, and I (8th grade science teacher) will present some short slides about Antarctica, its wonders, and the importance of the Antarctic Treaty in celebration of Antarctica Day.  We will then open up the event to a live question and answer session.

In order to be a part of this, you will need to register and download a program to allow the webinar to be played on your computer (see registration and instruction links below). I have been able to make this work from my computer at school in AISD, so you should have no problems. However, please upload the program a few days ahead of time and log on to the even a little early to make sure there are no problems.

This event is hosted through the PolarTREC PolarConnect Program, and participants will have a chance to learn from the scientists, ask questions, and chat with others during the presentation.


To register for this free event and to receive instructions on how to join, go to:



Detailed instructions and a video about setting up your computer to participate in the webinar are available at:


Contact us at:

or 907-474-1600 

Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS)

3535 College Road, Suite #101 

Fairbanks, AK U.S.A. 99709-3710