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Karen McManamon for Board of Health

by Mike Stopa

Karen McManamon is running for Board of Health in Holliston and it is difficult to think of a more dedicated, fair-minded and imaginative person for the job; to say nothing of Karen’s long list of activities and accomplishments that testify to her ability to direct an organization and to her fundamental trustworthiness.

I met Karen when we worked together for Scott Brown’s campaign in January of 2010. Later, she volunteered to help in my campaign for U.S. Congress in the Spring of 2010. From the very beginning Karen struck me as someone with a quiet, determined approach to solving problems as well as an ability to navigate conflict and find consensus.

In addition to working tirelessly on Scott’s campaign and then mine, Karen has had a full time job at Middlesex Saving Bank, a consulting business with Mary Kay Cosmetics and she recently finished a successful year as the head Lion (or, I guess, Lioness) in the Holliston Lion’s Club. She keeps very busy! Her marks on all these activities are, according to the people who know her best in each case, consistently the highest.

The Board of Health in particular is crucial for our town. So much of our public safety depends on information about Lyme disease, mosquito threats, pesticides etc. which is provided through our Holliston Board of Health. I, for one, will feel safer knowing that Karen McManamon is there working for the safety of all Holliston residents. Vote Karen McManamon on May 24.