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Addendum Article on the ‘Moon Tree’

by Carol Holly

Greta Kost recently contacted me and gave us additional information on our Holliston ‘MoonTree’. She was the Civic Chair of the Holliston Garden Club at the time we received the tree in 1971, and went to the airport to pick up the seedling and bring it back here.

Because it was so young and weak, another club member who worked at Weston Nurseries offered to plant it there and care for it until it was large enough to replant. Meanwhile a substitute 'Moon Tree' was planted at the Police Station.

Shortly afterward, some unidentified teens stole the tree, not realizing this was not the true 'Moon Tree'. They were apprehended and the substitute tree was returned to the Police Station. Six years later, a strong sapling 'Moon Tree' was planted in an Arbor Day ceremony by the garden club. The Platanus occidentalis, American sycamore, although leaning a bit toward the sun, is still growing toward its possible 100 feet in height.
Pembroke was the other Massachusetts town that received a 'Moon Tree' seeding. After 18 months, their little tree died. So now it is up to Holliston to cherish and care for our one remaining Massachusetts 'Moon Tree'.  Thanks so much, Greta, for this wonderful story.