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Laraine Worby Honored

by Ann Talbot


On October 30 the Holliston Public Library honored Laraine Worby by dedicating new furniture in her honor. Two comfortable chairs and a love seat upholstered in a tapestry of books have been added to the senior section in the rear of the main floor, making a most pleasant area in front of the windows.
Laraine Worby served as a trustee of the Holliston Library for over twenty years. She is the designer of its website helping the old Andrew Carnegie institution to move gracefully into the twenty-first century. She saw the redesign of the interior of the library after its new addition,  the hiring of its present director, Leslie McDonnell, and the entrance of Holliston into the Minuteman Network.

Family, present trustees and friends were on hand to see Laraine receive a plaque in her honor, gifts from the library and a bouquet of flowers. At present she is the reference librarian at the Framingham Public Library.
Refreshments were served by Chryso Lawless, current president of the Friends of the Library who purchased the new furniture.

Meanwhile, Brownie Troop 2219 was out front raising funds for the support of the library by selling bookmarks and facepainting. They raised $41.00 for the Library. 

Michelle Milligan and ger daughter Meghan ran the facepainting table as Chryso Lawless looks on.