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Sandwich Generation

by Lina Arena-DeRosa

Join us on Tuesday October 26th @ 7pm and Wednesday November 3 @ 7pm at the Holliston High School Library to learn how to prepare and protect yourself and your parents for the financial, physical and emotional challenges that come with aging.

Have you thought about what you would do if? 

~ An elder parent falls and needs to be hospitalized. When is Rehab covered by insurance?  Eventually they come home.  Who takes care of them, who pays for it and how do you manage your time, their finances and both of your lives?

~ If you find one of your parents is forgetting more than usual, what do you do? Who do you call? What are the steps you can take to protect them and their lives?

~ Do you need to talk to your siblings about your parents’ wills? their medical intentions? powers of attorney? health care proxies? DNRs (what is this? who decides?) What is the five year look back?

~ Do you disagree with your siblings as to the care and future financial and physical decisions of your parents? Learn how to work together for your parents’ best interest.

~ Your parent can’t remember how to get home from the grocery store? When and how is a license revoked? Should they be driving and who decides? How do you approach this subject? What are the steps and resources available?

~ Elders arestaying in their own home.  Do your parents need assistance? Who do you ask, where do you go, who pays for it? What about elder housing? home assistance? Lifeline? etc.

On Tuesday, we have invited Home Instead Senior Care to discuss the 40/70 generation (you are the 40 year old adult and your parents are the 70 year old adults). This will be a general overview and there will be handouts for everyone.

On Wednesday, we have invited a group of specialists for a round table discussion, so bring your questions and your concerns. We will have an elder attorney, a financial planner, a social worker available and we hope to have a lively discussion to clear some of the confusion and help you begin the discussion with your parents.

These two sessions are sponsored by the Holliston Council on Aging and The Holliston Public Schools.

Also on Wednesday October 27th @ 7 pm, author David Horgan will speak at Town Hall to discuss “When your parents move in: Every Adult Child’s Guide to Living with an Adult Parent”. This seminar is promoted by the Law Office of Jay Marsden Jr and CareGiver Homes.