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Parties Work Together on Public Forum

by Beth Greely



The first thing that I did when I was elected the Chair of the Holliston Democratic Town Committee was to call Christen Varley the Chair of the Holliston Republican Town Committee and Tea Party activist to invite her for coffee. Java in hand I told Christen that I admired her focus and her conviction and that I had been doing grassroots activities for the past five years and that I knew how hard it is to get people motivated and organized. That said, we agreed that we really didn't agree on most things political. Christen has read Karl Rove cover to cover time and time again and me, well, I'm more of a MoveOn.Org girl.

But Christen and I both want the same things. We both want to get the word out about our political ideas in our community. We both want to get people more civicly involved and above all, voting. So we worked together to organize a bi-partisan event in Holliston.

I am proud to say that the Republican Town Committee and Democratic Town Committee of Holliston are happy to be hosting, along with the Town Committees of Hopkinton and Ashland a Community Political Forum Night. Our hope is that this bipartisan event will help to better inform voters of their choices on Election Day in November. The event is free and will be held October 6th at the Holliston Town Hall at 6:30 in the evening.

The main event for the evening is a Lt. Governor Forum that will include candidates Lt. Governor Tim Murray (D), Richard Tsei (R) and Paul Loscocco (I). Moderator, Sam Tyler will ask questions that will be prepared by the hosting Town Committees. Along with that forum all candidates for the positions on the November ballots will be available to meet citizens and answer questions. This makes for a great evening of informed political discussion. We hope that you will join us.