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Are You From Around Here: Liverpool Version

by Tony Haslam

Are you from round here had me is stitches and made me think back to my early days in Liverpool where I was born 65 years ago, about a mile from Aintree Racecourse.
Scousers they called us then, and still do.

Scouse,( taken from the dish Lobscouse) is of course a food rather than a dialect.  It is a simple stew made from the cheapest cuts of meat, usually mutton, boiled with potatoes and onions (and other vegetables if you wished) and is often enjoyed accompanied with red cabbage pickled in vinegar. Some of you may liken it to Irish stew.


We had some funny idioms which you may like to learn?
Ullo dur!         Greetings, I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
Wack              Sir
Yis                 Yes
Gisalite           Could you oblige me with a match, please?
Lah                I say, young man
Ere, tatty-ead!   I say, young woman
Boogaroff.       No. Please depart.
Ta, wack     Thank you.     I am most grateful.
Ere’s yer at, wur’s yer urry?    It has been nice to meet you. But now I  have some pressing  business to attend to.
Yer wha?         Do I hear you all right?
Taraah           Farewell!
Darrell            That will
Iddle              It will
De ooter         The nose
De clock          The face
Me dollypegs   My legs
De mickeys     The pidgeons
Yews               You
Dem               Them
Me judy           My gerl (girl)
Cow juice         Fresh milk
Sarneys          Sandwiches
Sterry             Sterilised milk
Don’ get airyated      Keep calm