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Civics Sunday: Celebrate Holliston - The Parade

by The Publishers

Congratulations to the Celebrate Holliston committee for planning and executing this annual community highlight.  Special thanks to the committee member who was in charge of the glorious weather - do you hire out for weddings and other outdoor events?

Kathy Shore, Catie Ehret, Martha Ellis, and Nicole Lessard preside on the reviewing stand awaitng the arrival of The Parade.  

Kathy, Catie, Martha, and Nicole were not alone at the town center waiting for the parade (and let's be honest - the pounds of candy that would soon be spread along the route).

And then the sirens wailed announcing the moment everyone has been waiting another year for - The Celebrate Holliston Parade 2019.


The American Legion Post #47 has the honor of carrying the colors for this year's parade.

COTY Bea Hait rides with style in this vintage Cadillac.

COTY Ken Henderson appears to be making candy appear out of midair.  Do Ken and Bea get to keep the COTY signs to paste on their personal vehicles (at least for a week or two)?

While Select Board members John Cronin (left) and Mark Ahronian (right) were all smiles and making more smiles in the younger crowd, newly elected Select Board member Tina Hein was away at a state-wide select board member training.

Representative Carolyn Dykema is modeling the best way to not lose your bag.

Senate President Karen Spilka enjoys a laugh with the reviewing stand guests.

Hometown Auto sends this vehicle to all fender benders.

All hometown parades include the local girl and boy scouts troops.  We are featuring the Girl Scouts here.

Ed Payne and Whitney show off their colors!

The Holliston High Marching Panther Band provided the day's music and marching beat.  Although the beat was lost on the goats below!

4-H ers with some cute kids.

Marc Connelly and Herb Brockert sit in for COTY Ken Henderson who got an upgrade to a brand new Mustang!

Linda Ahronian is at the wheel while Mark had to walk (march) the entire route!

Carmen Chiango staked out some prime real estate to catch the parade heading toward downtown.

And then it was time to head to Goodwill Park!  [link to Field Day article]

Some of you may be saying at this point - is that all there is?  Heavens no - click here to view over 150 pictures from all the Celebrate Holliston festivities [link]


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The parade was just FUN!! A small correction, the cutest puppy, her name is Wrigley. Thanks Ed Payne

Ed Payne | 2019-09-26 06:35:58