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Fire Alarms, Playing Fields & Farm Land on CPC's Agenda

by Bobby Blair

Community Preservation Committee members Wednesday night took under advisement a number of proposals slated to be on the special town meeting warrant  on October 28th.

Nancy Lamb below, accompanied by Paul Saulnier not shown, presented a several-part proposal for funds on behalf of the Holliston Historical Society. Many town buildings as well as private ones are now foregoing fire alarms which are supported by landlines due to the high yearly maintence cost and opted for electronic systems. Lamb explained that the society's present day fire alarm does not meet code. Due to the semi-emergency, the society's board members have already chosen from three bids and Chipman Electric is in the midst of installing a new system. Lamb is looking for $14,995 from preservation funds. The society is also requesting $10,000 for the installation of a grease exhaust hood in the barn kitchen. Total cost is $15,000 with $5,000 coming from society funds.

Lamb presented the committee with a list of capital improvements the society has planned over the next five years. Community Preservation Chairman Frank Daniels suggested to Lamb that the society provide a historical preservation restriction to the town in case the society ever dissolves or the property is purchased.

PJ Kilkelly, forefront, the Chairman of the Town's Agricultural Commision, & Lixey Carey Chairwoman of the Open Space Committee pressed their case for the purchase of Thistle Dew Farm on the Ashland/Holliston off Highland Street. The mechanics of the purchase were reported in the Reporter previously and can be read here: 

Brian McDonald, Chairman of the town's HYBSA (Holliston Youth Baseball/Softball Association), left, and Mark Frank, Director of the town's Parks and Rec Dept., put forth a late request to the Preservation Committee in the amount of $120,000. The monies would be used to revamp the town's playing fields.Melissa Kaspern seated to the right of Frank and is a member of the CPC and the town's Rec Dept. said "we have to get these fields rebuilt or we won't have any fields". Frank stated that the conditions of the fields shouldn't be perks or luxuries but requirements. Frank gave credit to DPW worker Bob Nemet and said if it wasn't for Nemet's efforts the fields would be unplayable. The duo of McDonald & Frank said that out-of-town teams don't want to play on Holliston's fields due to their condition. The pair were looking for funds to begin work on at least four fields (2 at Stoddard Park, Goodwill & Mission Springs) in late October thru mid November.

Comments (2)

Agreed on concessions for sure. Just take a look at what Medway is able to do with the money raised at Roony's grill. Their fields are always in immaculate shape.

Dan Kittredge | 2019-09-15 09:03:52

I agree that the town ball fields are in awful shape. I would also like us to consider adding restrooms/concessions stands and for us to consider these upgrades as potential revenue generating sources and not perks.

Kim Ross | 2019-09-13 14:29:23