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Select Board Holds Public Hearing for Verizon Cable License

by Matt Ristaino

The Select Board held a public hearing for the renewal of Verizon’s cable license with the Town at its meeting Monday evening. Verizon’s current license expires in 2021, and the public hearing began the process of re-negotiating the license.

During the public hearing, many people expressed their desire to ensure that Verizon continues to support the Town’s public cable access channel, HCAT, through the new license.

Select Board member Tina Hein said that HCAT greatly helped her in her recent campaign that resulted in getting her elected to the Board. Hein said that HCAT not only gave her valuable public exposure, but its programming allowed her to learn more about town government.

Mark Frank, the director of the Parks and Recreation department, said that HCAT has been “beyond instrumental” in promoting his department’s programs and events, and that this year it lead to the largest registration year in the department’s history.

Senior Center director Linda Marshall, School Committee Chair Stacey Raffi, and Steve Bradford, representing the veterans community in Holliston, all had praise for HCAT as well.

Later in the hearing, Jay Leary, a member of the Cable Advisory Committee, brought up some concerns about Verizon’s customer service. He said that a downed wire caused him to lose TV and internet service at his house this past Wednesday, and Verizon did not come to fix the problem until Friday, despite being notified the day of the incident.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, the Board heard updates from several department heads who were in attendance. Department of Public Work director Sean Reese said that the Mudville water mains project is coming to a close, and that the Westfield Dr. culvert project will begin this week.

Reese also said that a crosswalk beacon will be installed at the intersection of Prentice St. and Highland St., and that seven new solar-powered school zone signs will be installed within the next couple of weeks.

Parks and Recreation director Mark Frank said that the department is wrapping up its summer programming, and that there were no safety incidents at any of the parks and beaches this summer. He also said that work is beginning on creating a connection between the rail trail and the Parks and Rec offices at 1750 Washington St.

School Committee Chair Stacey Raffi said that police officers will be present at the schools during the first week of classes, so parents should not be concerned if they notice police cruisers and flashing lights at the schools.

The Board also approved several capital requests for the upcoming Special Town Meeting in October. The DPW submitted a request that includes replacing a dump truck and skid steer, replacing two water department vehicles, and replacing an emergency back-up generator at water well number four.

The Senior Center’s request included funds for interior refurbishments, such as replacing ceiling tiles and re-painting the main hall. While the Board approved the request, it also asked director Linda Marshall to get an estimate for necessary structural repairs on the exterior of the building.

Fire Chief Michael Cassidy presented the fire department’s request for to replace Engine #1, which is 20 years old, as well as replacing an administrative vehicle and tone voice pagers for the department.

The Board also discussed the Special Town Meeting warrant article about acquiring and preserving and protecting farmland at Thistle Dew Farm.

The Board will not meet next Monday due to the Labor Day holiday, and will meet again on September 9th.

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Brentwood lost Verizon service due to the storm on Wednesday and we were restored within a few hours. Can't complain, they text and email us with updates any time there is a problem.

Ann Kelly | 2019-08-31 17:09:58