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Police Log for Week of August 18 - 24, 2019

by Paul Saulnier

August 18, 2019:

00:35, Officer David Charette awarded his first citation of the week to a Miford resident. Nine seconds later Officer Charles Grace gave a Walpole resident a verbal warning. Congrats to all four night owls.

Crash, 212 Prentice; car versus golf cart. Cart driver sent to the hospital.

August 19:

1 PM, Summer; erratic driver issued a summons for failure to maintain lines (I thought the Hwy Dept was supposed to maintain the lines).

Crash, 109 Woodland; Medway versus Holliston. Hometown Automotive took 2 home.

August 20:

Crash, 362 Concord; Franklin versus Worcester (you deserve each other). Hometown Auto to the rescue.

Crash, 597 Central; Someone from CT came up here to smack into a law abiding Holliston driver (have you noticed that there have been no crashes on Washington Street?)

Suspicious activity, Ruthellen; report of a gold Toyota Camry driver taking pictures of caller's house and then walking through the backyard with a flashlight.

Crash, Highland & Prentice; Worcester versus Holliston (where are those Franklin drivers when we need them?).

Crash, Washington & Highland; Medway versus Holliston (spoke too soon).

August 21:

Crash, 122 Norfolk; Medway versus Holliston again (what's with these Medway drivers?)

August 22:

Crash, Washington & Winter; Framingham versus Holliston (what are the chances that only the Holliston driver has insurance?).

Animal incident, Bertucci's; dog found in the parking lot. ACO and Facebook notified.

Animal incident, Curve; Rondo and its owner reunited

August 23:

Junior police camp on-going.

Crash, 703; Malden versus Watertown (wonder how they like crashing in Ruburbia?)

Smoke & fire, Quail Run; wire down and smoking. Eversource to the rescue.

Traffic complaint, Regal; detoured traffic from the wire down incident speeding in bumper to bumper traffic (hopefully they were all NASCAR drivers).

August 24:

Crash, 12 Prospect; South Hadley driver took out a Holliston driver and a fence for good measure.

Animal incident, Taylor, dog on the loose.

During the reporting period, 15 citations and 14 warnings were issued Seven erratic drivers were reported and dispatchers logged 295 calls.


Medfield Police Chief, Michelle Guerette, suits up Pre-K Patrol Officer Jack Saulnier at Sunday's birthday party held at the station..

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Golf carts do not have the right of way vs the cars. Pedestrians do. But if your in a golf cart you have to obey the rules of the road just like someone on a bike. Cars have to yield to pedestrians but not the carts. I live in that neighborhood and always drive slow, especially near the course. I will always stop for a cart but I have seen them dart out into traffic thinking that cars have to yield to them.

Bill Littlefield | 2019-08-27 09:28:58

Best news a Pre-k offer good news. Someone is in real DODO THOW SHELL NEVER HIT A GOLF CART NOT NICE. It is so sad people need to come here to pick on us :( GOOD COFFEE TODAY Thank you!!

JEAN MORRISSEY | 2019-08-27 04:13:41