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Hit The Trail - At Least Check it Out

by Chris Cain

With the completion of the Upper Charles Rail Trail through Holliston in July 2018, the Committee has been largely focused on maintaining the trail and the associated trail maintenance equipment.  Over the past years, the committee and several volunteer groups have donated 7,600 hours of labor to keep the trail passable for all to enjoy.

Seen below is what the committee members called a 'paint party' to clean up the surplus storage container that houses all the trail maintenance equipment.  Another 'party' is scheduled for Saturday, September 7th.

The bulk of the trail work now is the grooming of the surface - patching wash outs and smoothing ruts - and keeping the vegetation at bay along the sides of the trail.  This reporter received a tip, that the 'retired and dangerous' trail maintenance crew would be in action at a particular place at a particular time.  Rather than catching them in action, the photo captures them demonstrating inaction!  Seen below is the crew (Ken Henderson, Robert Weidknecht, and Gene Madden) along with Bill P. a regular user of the trail.

The Friends of the Holliston Trails has provided etiquette signage along the entire length of the Holliston trail.

As a town resource, the trail has been used for a variety of public activities.  Some are listed below:

Trail Activities

July 4, 2018 Trail Dedication and Grand Opening Celebration for completion of the entire 6.7 mile trail in Holliston with laser show at the Bogastow Brook Viaduct (8-Arch Bridge)

Great Pumpkin Walk by Holliston Newcomers Club

Winter Stroll

Sixth Annual First Night Trail Walk December 31, 2018

June 17, 2019 Massachusetts Walking Tour

Holliston Friends of the Rail Trail- 5 K run

Holliston Conservation Associates Heron Walk on Trail

Walking School Bus program walk on Trail

Walk of Hope

Suicide Prevention Walk

Walk for Terry, in memory of Therese S. Caccavale

The Walk, The Walk Against Breast Cancer


On the horizon 

Photo courtesy of Ken Henderson

Access path from parking lot at 1750 Washington St (Park & Rec) to trail - In Progress

Additional crosswalk safety beacons

A bicycle repair station similar to below  (this is not E.T.) provided by the Friends group.

Continued grooming / repair of the trail surface and control of encroaching vegetation

Completion of trail between Central and Church Streets

A Safety Reminder

Crosswalk beacons are now in place where the trail crosses: Summer St., Central St., Lowland St., and Washington St.  These beacons are for trail user safety.  From casual observation, many users (walkers, runners, and cyclists) do not press the button to activate the beacon.  Even if traffic is not visible when approaching the beacon it is a best practice to Push The Button - then it becomes a habit.  Also, seeing - and stopping for - the flashing beacons will become a habit for drivers

(Mass. General Laws, chapter 89, section 11) Pedestrians in cross walks.  Pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk when the walk light / beacon is on. 

Bicycles are considered vehicles and riding a bike in a crosswalk may not carry the same pedestrian protections.  Walking a bike in the cross walk is a pedestrian activity and a recommended safe way to get to the other side of these main thorougfares.

Our trail is a fabulous recreational resource for our town and the larger community in which we live.  Many thanks to those who volunteer to keep this park a gem.  Enjoy!!