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Jon Dillon at 78

by The Publisher

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In his youth, Jon was known as a prolific long-ball hitter when he played in Holliston Little League. He was several years older than me so I never saw him play, but I remember people talking about Jon Dillon and his ability to give the ball a "ride". A more personal memory of Jon is from the early 60's. He was operating the old, red, Galion grader (Holliston Highway Dept.) improving the-then dirt driveway of the Pegasus Machine shop on Locust St.It was a hot, sticky, summer day and I was watching him, fascinated by his skill with the grader. After a while, he shut the grader down and called me over. He asked if I could get him some water to drink. I went home, grabbed a Kampersal's quart-size glass milk bottle filled with water that we always kept in the fridge during summer, and brought it to him. He chugged it down quickly, let out with an "AAAHHH", reached into his pocket to grab some change he had, handed the change to me and said, "here you go, thanks". That's the kind of person Jon was, i.e., he didn't have to give me his change, he wanted to give me his change and I never forgot HIS very kind expression of gratitude. I have no doubt he touched many lives in a similar way.

Richard Hart | 2019-07-29 08:22:41