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Energy Tip for Week of June 17, 2019

by Utah Nickel

Persistent Plastic

Micro-plastics, very small “nano-particles” of plastic from degrading trash on land and in the seas, have been found in great quantity in fish, animals, and increasingly in humans. Plastic does not decompose for years, and when it does, it often produces micro-plastics that last even longer and enter the food chain (and, as recent research shows, the atmosphere even in the most remote areas of the world). Even the tiniest gestures to lessen plastic use can make an impact.

For those who use a make-up brush, the next time you purchase a new one you might want to look for one that is made of recyclable materials.  Cosmetic companies are aware of the need to reduce the use of plastics and are beginning to experiment with using completely biodegradable plant-based polymers.

If you purchase a shaver that uses recyclable replacement blades, there will be fewer plastic razors choking the landfills with plastic trash. 

If you purchase a new printer, some companies will give a discount if you recycle your old printer when you purchase the new one. 

Every piece of plastic not dumped into landfills or the oceans makes a difference!

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