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HCAF's Student Division Holds Planning Session

by Ken Robinson

This week, members of the Student Division of HCAF (Holliston Community Action Fund) met in the HHS cafeteria to work on their campaign that promotes the youth substance abuse prevention program.

Teams worked on a social media strategy, and the creation of physical posters that will be displayed in both the Middle and High Schools.

These students not only work on projects that make their community a better place, but they’re also part of a group grounded in camaraderie, support, selflessness and commitment.

Under the supervision of the Student Division Advisory Committee, the students themselves are charged with organizing, planning, resourcing and executing projects and programs themselves. They are required to work hard, collaborate and rely on one another and turn their ideas into reality. 

The HCAF Student Division is planning a Spring BBQ for June 7th from 5-8 pm at Robert Adams Middle School. The students are planning to run some outdoor games/activities along with the BBQ.

There will be an HCAF Open House (for adults only) to learn about HCAF on Thursday, May 30th from 7-9 pm at Anthony’s on the Green at Pinecrest Golf Club. 

Another way to learn more about HCAF is by visiting