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Town Meeting Informational Discussion: Facilities Manager

by Mary Greendale

“Does Holliston Need a Facilities Manager?” …that is someone who is specifically responsible for the oversight, upkeep and maintenance of the town government’s public buildings?

The Selectmen have proposed this new position to function under the Department of Public Works. The Finance Committee does not support the idea. This proposal does not include school buildings.

The final decision is ours – the voters. We will make the decision at Town Meeting on May 6th as part of the town budget (the Omnibus Article #15) under the funding request for the DPW.

You can ask your questions before Town Meeting...

To help you decide, watch a live conversation between Selectman Mark Ahronian and Finance Committee Member Ben Sparrell on HCAT TV and Facebook at 6:00 pm Monday April 22. Text us your questions.

After the live conversation, you will also be able to view the recording at under the title, “Does Holliston need a Facilities Manager?”

Again the final decision is ours – the voters.

Watch the interview and attend Town Meeting. This is how our town government works – it’s democracy in action.

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Mary, Not available yet (Thur 25)?

Bob Malone | 2019-04-25 09:17:55