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Holliston Rail Trail 2018 Accomplishments and 2019 Goals

by Ken Henderson

Over the past year crossing beacons at Washington St, Lowland St and Central St. were added.  Pushing the button is the new skill for hikers and bikers.  Along the trail granite benches have been installed and picnic tables have started to show up as well.  There are so many great spots to stop along the trail. The cement posts you see with a “W” are restored original whistle posts from the railroad era. The Holliston Trail Committee and many volunteers continue working to keep the trail well-kept as an asset for us all. 

The Friends of Holliston Trails had a good year with projects involving the trail.  Trail etiquette was their theme and appropriate signage has been added along the trail to encourage all users to keep to the right, slow down on bikes, leash and cleanup after pets and generally do your part in maintaining a safe and useful linear park.  Again, First Night Walk was a huge success along with trail events all year long. Friends of Holliston Trails are great supporters of our linear park.  Join this vibrant group that raises funds and encourage enhancements to keep the trail assessable and useful to a wide variety of people.

Goals for the near future include further street crossing signals, pursuing funds for refurbishing the stone work at Phipps Tunnel, installing  more hand rails at stream crossings, continue working with Blair Square Committee developing the area from Church St to Exchange St. as a hike/bike safe pass through, and more ways to enhance the usefulness of our rail trail.

The need for more parking at the main access points to the trail is one sign of success.  Valet parking isn’t in the plan but more clearly designated spots to park are planned. There are still many projects to do but from a simple start to a useful town asset has been the story of our trail. Our stretch of the Upper Charles Rail Trail is another community-focused project that says “Holliston is a great place to live.”   Let's keep up the good work, it shows.


Comments (5)

Agreeed, what a great addition to the town and thank you for all the works to making it happen. Hope the town will consider improving walkable access to it for east Holliston residents. The lack of of sidewalks along Washington street is limiting.

Utah Nickel | 2019-02-02 10:08:23

I was just thinking, as I walked a stretch of the trail last weekend, that I should write a thank you and this opportunity presented itself. Thank you to Robert for keeping the vision. Thank you to everyone who has worked to make the trail a reality. Thank you to everyone who is working to improve it. The trail is great!

Mary Curran | 2019-02-01 07:53:10

This trail is a true gem in Holliston !! Kudos to all that give their time to "make it so..."

Ben Clarkson | 2019-01-30 10:37:06

W.O.W. Awesome job. The pics are fantastic. Thank you, Jean Morrissey

Jean Morrissey | 2019-01-30 05:39:01

You bet it shows! Thank you for all your hard work, the trail is a gem. And the 8-arch bridge came out better than I had hoped. Kudos to the architect for getting it right, and to the construction company for doing such excellent work,

PSimpson | 2019-01-30 05:34:03