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Retrospective on WWI

by Mary Greendale

This year marks the centennial of the end of the Great War 1914-1918, a war that President Woodrow Wilson insisted must be “the war to end all wars.”  The carnage was appalling, four empires were destroyed, millions died.  The Great War is where the 19th and 20th centuries parted ways forever. 

Gary Hylander is a Professor at Stonehill College and a frequent presenter at forums as an expert on history. Attend his presentation at the Holliston Senior Center and examine the geographic, political, technological and intellectual legacy of the Great War. 

Free Admission to this event.  Call to register in advance (508) 429-0622. Presentation Sponsored by the Senior Support Foundation. 
Above, Homecoming, WWI Holliston Veterans return. We include this picture to remind ourselves that WWI was local as well as national. Below are some of the same men in 1976 on the anniversary of America's Bi-Centennial. The local Legion Post hosted a dinner for the Town's surviving WWI veterans on Armistice Day November 11th. We include these in an effort to put local faces to a War that happened long ago, and to honor these men.

Above left to right: Joseph Gallerani, Stephen Honey, Alfred Lyons, Charlie Williams, John Kimball, Andrew Anderson, James McCarthy, Harold Lang, Howard Sparrell, Charles Carline, Charles (Peachy) Duncan, Walter Higgins, Harold Chambers, Albert Herrick, Waldo Appleby, Charles Kingsbury & George Sherman. Fred W. Miller was present but not in the photo.