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The class of 1953 is holding their 65th reunion

by Tom Laronga

The class of 1953 is holding their 65th reunion on September 22, 2018.  When we graduated in 1953 with a class of 38 we decided at graduation that we would hold a class reunion every 5 years  We have honored that commitment and have held our reunions every five years.. The success of our reunions stems from the closeness of the class. During those years we not only knew our classmates, but their brothers, sisters, cousins and parents and in some cases grandparents.   Our class is spread out within the United States from CA, PA, MD, AZ, NH, ME, ID, FL, NY and MA.  Our reunions have always been successful for two reasons.  We always try to have our reunions in or near Holliston so that classmates travelling can also visit friends and or relatives during the class reunion time.  Secondly, is the willingness of the out of state classmates  to travel and attend the reunions. We have also marched and participated in the Holliston Day Parade.  Of course we are now to old to march but will be in Holliston to enjoy the festivities.

It should be noted that this will be our last formal reunion.  However, whenever out of staters visit Holliston informal dinners, lunches or whatever will be held for anyone that can attend.  Thanks to the computer era most of us still stay in touch by email.  Most of us have gone through 12 years of school in Holliston and we all consider that we received an excellent education. We all have great memories of Holliston and consider it a great town and we are all proud to have graduated from Holliston High School.



Tom Laronga



Comments (4)

Typing was not my best subject. George Shirley is correct and also a great classmate

Thomas Laronga | 2018-08-26 10:04:59

I have a correction to the names. In the back row 4th from the right is my brother. His name is George Shirley not George Stanley. He pass away in April 1979.

Tom Shirley | 2018-08-23 13:03:22

Doing this for my brother Tom...Mary wanted names so here goes: Front row, l to r: Gloria Allenson, Geraldine Perkins, Joan Leith, Doris Sonier, Bob Valpey, Don Elliott, Bob Kramer, Linda White, Betty Marchand, Diane Potter. 2nd: George Baker, Bill Holmes, John McKeen, Loretta Charles, Dot Kairit, Ann Borden, Shirley Conrad, Carolyn Cheney, Sandy Brown, Barbara McManus, Joyce Comstock, Art Stanley, Joanne Spinney. 3rd: Warren Coolidge, Dave Nobles, Charlie Kurzonkowski, Ron Green, Dick Seavey, Bob Handy, Barry O'Brien, Tom Laronga, Jim Maurer, George Stanley, Bob Merritt, Don Guyton, Nate Potter. Whew......

Donna Laronga | 2018-08-23 09:36:40

I'd love to know the names of each of these students, Tom. Can you add them in a comment? Please and thanks.

MARY M. GREENDALE | 2018-08-22 06:53:06