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Procrastinators, Movember 2017 is coming to end

by Ged Gove

First, Thanks to everyone who donated!

If you haven’t donated, please consider a making a donation, any amount helps!  Donate online at

Please help me reach my fundraising goal and put an end to cancer!

I’m just over $7,900, less than $600 to go and I will reach my goal, with your help!

Currently, in individual fundraising, I’m 2nd in the Boston area and 50th in the US  - pretty amazing!

I’ll be back in eleven short months for Movember 2018!

Thanks again!


The Movember Foundation is a registered, tax exempt Section 501(c)(3) corporation – that means your gift is tax deductible!

A few fun facts about my Spider Man Mo this year:

  • It took 2 hours to style the original shape – thanks for my wife
  • 20 minutes every other day to maintain the shape – again, thanks to my wife


Quick article about my efforts:

Final picture of Spider Man

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Thanks to everyone who donated! I surpassed this Movember's goal and currently have raised $9,255.00! For individual fundraisers I'm 2nd in the Boston area and 46th in the USA. Donations are still being accepted, if you're a super procrastinator. :-) Thanks again. See see you next Movember!

Ged Gove | 2017-12-01 09:06:04