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May is a busy month in Holliston civic life

by Lisa Kaplan

Monday, May 8 is Holliston Town Meeting. Tuesday, May 23, Town Elections take place. It is so important to participate in both.

Town Meeting... that typically New England form of local government everyone loves to hate. Whether fraught with drama and passion for or against an issue, or mind-numbingly dull from the minutiae of endless budgets, it is truly the most 'small d' democratic form of government around. 

Every registered voter in this town, from seasoned old-timer to newly registered 18-year-old, has the opportunity to have their voice heard; to actively participate in the governing of this town. This is truly one person, one vote governance.

And yet, the requisite quorum of only 100 people was barely met at last October's special town meeting. Just over 100 people out of the nearly 10,000 registered voters in Holliston deemed it important enough to attend Town Meeting: just 1% voting on the policy and budget decisions that effect 100% of the town!

Participation in Town Meeting gives every voter a voice in how this town is run; a voice on quality of life issues; a voice in development decisions, a voice in approving or denying expenditure of tax dollars.

Make your voice heard. Participate. Attend Town Meeting, 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 8 at the High School. It is your right, your privilege and your duty as a citizen.

To read the warrant on-line ahead of time, visit the Holliston Town Clerk's site.