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Lions Raffle Winners

by Bill Tobin

The Lions Club annual ten thousand dollar raffle took place on Saturday, March 11th at Glen Ellen. Ten final tickets remained after 290 were drawn for elimination and were eligible to share the 10K, but this year, the ten was reduced, by choice, to 3 to share the ten thousand dollars.

Master of Ceremonies and Vice President of the Holliston Lions Club, Ged Gove, addressed the attendees as they enjoyed dinner and he explained the events of the evening.

A maximum of 300 tickets were sold and the name of each ticket holder was placed on the big raffle board. A duplicate of the name was then placed in a large rotating basket and one by one was drawn randomly from this basket and the name recited. There were audible moans and groans when each name was called.

Consolation prizes are offered randomly to some of the names eliminated.

After 290 names were eliminated, the remaining 10 now had a chance to win. These ten lucky folks then had to decide if they would each win $1,000 or would go forward in the hopes of winning more. Collectively and unanimously they decided their next step. The rules state if they choose to go forward, one name of the ten will be randomly drawn and eliminated. The remaining nine then repeat the vote. It may get down to five to share the 10K, or four, or three or two, or just one who will receive the check for ten thousand dollars.

Ed Daniels, Chairman of the Raffle, displays the signed jersey of Julian Edelman that is offered to the highest bidder. 

The ten finalists eligible to share the 10K prize were Marco Terra, Jean Ferreria, John Oliviera, Erin and Kevin Flanagan, (The Flanagans were lucky in that they had bought two tickets.) Massachusetts Lions Research, Michael Cassidy. Doreen Martel, Wendy and Ged Gove, and the Holliston  American Legion Post. This group of ten winners decided to eliminate seven eligible winners, one at a time, leaving three to share the 10 thousand dollars or $3,333 each. 

And the winners are, l-r, Doreen Martel, Wendy Gove and the American Legion Post 47 represented by Steve Napolitano. Congratulations to all three. The Goves and Doreen are very active in the Holliston Lions Club and Steve active in the Legion.

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Thank You Lions Club, and thank you and your Leos for all you do in our community. Steve Bradford, Commander Holliston American Legion Post

Steve Bradford | 2017-03-14 04:28:23