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Planning Your Landscape Design to be More Sustainable

by Mark Ahronian

This kind of landscape design offers more opportunities for pollinators in the yard and is more sustainable.

Plan your landscape design to be more sustainable, colorful, use less water and require less maintenance. I love my lawn. But I love it only where I need it and use it.

Other areas, including commercial customers like Baystate Milling company as shown here, I designed plantings in buffer areas to establish a sequence of color, texture, and fragrance where there was once grass areas. Grass areas need constant maintenance and water to keep them green. They need to be treated to keep them looking good. Perennial flowers, and shrubs and trees require watering in a more limited way using much less.

Being surrounded by plants is also attractive to pollinators, butterflies and birds of all types. These areas are after just one year of being planted. I encourage you to try a small space in your yard. You will instantly see the difference in your outside living space. You'll feel the difference implementing not only beauty but fragrance, and a connection with nature is healthy. Don't forget to mix some edibles into your planting design like blueberry bushes.

Interaction in the garden is a good thing. Use your outside living space to create what makes you happy whether it's healing plants for inhalation or whether it's for delineation or to create a private sitting space. I encourage you to explore plants to take up some of your lawn areas and you will use less water and chemicals while increasing your quality of outside living.

Yours in gardening, Mark Ahronian.

Comments (3)

Thank you for the fine article Mark! This is great advice for both residential and commercial properties.

Richard Kattman | 2016-08-04 12:57:34

These are all great tips! Ahronian has done some landscaping at a couple houses on my street and they are all beautiful. I appreciate the sustainable design, especially given the water ban and all the repercussions of human-caused global warming.

Amy Anderson | 2016-08-01 19:32:50

Great advice, Mark. Here is more sustainable advice for residents considering a septic system replacement. There are systems that distribute treated wastewater through what is basically a sprinkler system buried 8 inches underground. There are many installed in Holliston, most under lawns. Mine is under a perennial garden that gets all the water I use in the house. So I never worry about watering.

Paul Saulnier | 2016-07-31 06:29:05