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Home Alone Safety and Babysitter Lessons & Safety Training (BLAST)

by Lauren Schiffman

Home Alone Safety
June 29, 2016 from 9am – 11am
Babysitter Lessons & Safety Training (BLAST)
June 29, 2016 from 11:30am – 2:30pm
Holliston Recreation, 1750 Washington Street, Holliston, MA
Juanita Allen Kingsley, Director of Business Development for Century Health Systems, the parent company of the Natick Visiting Nurse Association and Distinguished Care Options, will run these courses.

A health educator, Ms. Kingsley trains more than 2,000 people in the MetroWest region annually through her First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, CPR and AED classes in addition to the variety of health and safety programs she teaches. Juanita has successfully created and facilitated various programs aimed at providing individuals of varying ages and backgrounds the necessary education and tools to foster effective and positive social development. A certified EMT since 2001, Juanita managed the Wellness Center at Hale Reservation (the nation’s largest day camp); served as health care supervisor at Horizons for Youth, Sharon, Mass.; and has served as instructor trainer and instructor with the Red Cross, American Heart Association, Medic First Aid and National Safety Council. She received her Wilderness EMT training certification through Mountain Aid Training International and is the only certified socialsklz:-) instructor in New England.

In Home Alone Safety, children will learn telephone and door answering techniques, internet safety, accident and fire protection, first aid techniques and how children should manage their time when home alone for short periods of time. The class includes a variety of teaching methods, including a video and role playing and is open to anyone ages 9 to 11. Cost: $50
The course is open to anyone ages 11-13. Cost: $55
Registration is required. To register, visit For additional information, please call Maureen Korson at 508-429-2149.

Century Health Systems is located at 209 West Central Street, Suite 316, Natick, Mass., 01760. For additional information, call 508-651-1786 or visit
About Century Health Systems: Since 2001, Century Health Systems (Century Health) has provided high-quality, innovative health education and wellness programs to the Boston MetroWest community. Its programs aim to meet the needs of individuals of all ages – from pre-school to seniors – and cover such areas as professional health and safety training; public health consultations; corporate wellness; school and early childhood programming; and recreation. Along with its affiliates, The Natick Visiting Nurse Association and Distinguished Care Options, Century Health provides a true continuum of care throughout the communities it serves.
Media contact: Lauren B. Schiffman/Century Health Systems