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Holliston Conservation Associates Host Vernal Pool Walk

by Mary Curran

The Holliston Conservation Associates will be holding their annual Vernal Pool Walk on Saturday April 9th at 10:00 AM at the Daniels' Conservation Area across from the High School on Hollis Street.  There is a short walk into the property to get to the pool. Boots are helpful but not necessary, as Marc is usually the only one who stands in the vernal pool. Marc is funny and knowledgeable about all things nature-related; he manages to keep both children and adults engaged. The exploration will last about an hour. Tell your friends and come with children or without. All are invited to this free program.

Due to the interesting weather this winter and spring, Marc has told us we need to move up the vernal pool walk to April 9th instead of later in the month in order to see the egg masses and other cool things in the pool.  Typically all the salamanders and frogs leave the woods and travel to their chosen pools on one “Big Night” in the spring. The weather must be just right, raining after dark on the third day of 40 degree or higher temperatures. This is the fourth year in a row that we have not had the correct conditions. Somehow nature makes do, though, and the critters have made it to the pools in smaller groups.  Perhaps you have heard the spring peepers in a pool near you.

Here are some photos from last year’s fun event.

Brrr! The water sure is cold in April.  Marc Connelly goes in anyways looking for pond life.

Not your average escargot – fresh water snails. 

The happy couple, Mr. Water Boatman Beetle and Ms. Fairy Shrimp.

The remnants of an egg mass with tadpoles quite visible.