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Comments on the Washington Street Improvements

by Richard Kattman

To the Holliston Reporter:

As a concerned citizen and long time resident of Holliston, I believe that it is important and timely to consider proposed plans for improvements to Washington Street Route16/126.

The drawing produced by McMahon Transportation Engineers and Planning sets forth basic parameters for traffic engineering aspects of a Holliston center plan.

With professional expertise as a landscape architect and artist, I call attention to the following issues with the McMahon design: pedestrian safety; roadway alignments/reducing pavements; the potential for “greening” of the Holliston center core with consistent paving, curbs, lighting, street furniture, and plantings; and lastly an integrated design shall be foremost considered.

Working initially within the parameters of the McMahon drawing, suggested improvements are illustrated in a Sketch.

It is imperative to further study McMahon’s current drawing for elements of right and left turns; merged lanes; traffic light locations; crosswalk locations; site amenities such as benches, planters, trash receptacles, and trees; and design theme responding to historic and contemporary Holliston to arrive at a successfully built environment.

I ask that my Sketch Plan be used as a series of questions to McMahon, Selectman, and Town Residents. It is intended to generate helpful discussions and ultimately final design and construction that defines and best serves Holliston.

Richard Kattman participated in the design of Cambridgeside Galleria and Lechmere Canal and Park, Cambridge, MA.,  with Carol R. Johnson and Associates, Landscape Architects; Providence, RI Roads and River Relocations, with William D. Warner, Architects and Planners;  Shipyard Park, Charlestown Ma,, with CBT Architects; and Cambridge Center Roof Garden, by Kattman Corporation.


Landscape Architect/Artist/Photographer

24 Water Street, Holliston, Massachusetts 01746



Comments (6)

The Kattman Sketch Plan shows the McMahon Engineer's right and left hand turns. The Sketch Plan is in revision to indicate recommended turns, to be available Feb 23. Thank you everyone for comments.

Richard Kattman | 2016-02-21 08:27:21

Nice work, Richard. Love the additional green space. I would even eliminate the potential island and bring out the curb in front of the Holliston Grill and the Gulf Station on either side of where that island would have been. That would also straighten and narrow the roadway to slow down traffic. Maybe put bike racks in that space. I am also firmly in the camp that believes that the right lane going NB at Exchange Street and Central Street should both be right-turn only lanes. If you keep it with both a "straight and right" option, I fear the merging at the crosswalk in front of Jasper Hill will be too dangerous.

John Willis | 2016-02-20 08:23:00

Very nice rendering of the suggested changes proposed at the meeting on the 10th. However, I do believe there was strong opposition to the dual lanes going straight heading northbound (coming from Milford) at Central. It was pointed out that a person parking in front of Fiske's would be at risk because two lanes merged into one in that exact spot. The suggestion was to make one northbound lane straight and the other a right turn only onto Central.

Donna Allen | 2016-02-18 11:29:18

Thank you Richard for revising the plan to include some "green space". The planting beds adjacent to the street trees could be used by the individuals involved in Holliston in Bloom to plant annuals. More benches and tables could also be placed on the sidewalks to give it more of a downtown feel.

Eric Dickinson | 2016-02-18 10:50:07

I like the narrowing (both physical and visual) and the center island. I'm not a traffic engineer, but these elements would seem to act as "calming" to slow down the traffic through the center.

Peter Simpson | 2016-02-18 09:27:57

That is a wonderful contribution to the plan.

Warren Chamberlain | 2016-02-18 08:53:38