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Holliston Mill Studios Artist Kathy Kelly

by Arlene Chaplin

Kathy Kelly has been painting at Holliston Mill Studios for over two years. She works primarily with oils, which are her passion, and occasionally with watercolor and pastels. She has a B.A. in Art from Framingham University and studied with well-known artist, George Dergalis, for twenty-five years.

Kathy’s studio reflects her personality. She has created a living room with comforts of home to help her unwind before she begins her work. When she enters the studio, she listens to music or meditates to relax before she picks up a brush. The room is filled with many of her personal treasures and several works-in-progress that fill your eyes with dazzling colors. A luscious lavender flower on canvas sits on an easel across from a painting in its beginning stages of Machu Pichu. Figure drawings are stacked on a table. Even the cobalt blue printed scarf, thrown casually across a chair, becomes a work of art in this environment.

Kathy is inspired by nature and often paints composites of the natural world. She is currently renewing her interest in figure drawing. Although she paints as a realist, her images are often surrealistic, as seen in her interpretation of a canna lily. She uses her memory as a camera to capture the everyday images that inspire her work.