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Join the Conservation Associates Bird Walk Saturday June 6

by Mary Curran

(Nesting Osprey above)

On Saturday, June 6 from 8-10 AM, the Holliston Conservation Associates are hosting a bird walk at the Waseeka Audubon Property.

Donna Cohen will tell us about the birds we see and hear.  Marc Connelly will add information about any plants and signs of animals we encounter.  Last year we watched osprey on the wing adding sticks to their nest!  Here two osprey sit on the stick nest.

We saw 16 species in all, including great egret, mallard duck, wood duck, hooded merganser, tree swallow, and great crested fly catcher as well as some birds you are more likely to see in your own yards: white breasted nuthatch, blue jay, blue bird, eastern phoebe, robin, and grackle.  Donna identified six additional species by ear: yellow throat, ovenbird, yellow warbler, chipping sparrow, Baltimore oriole, and chickadee!  We also saw a busy brown creeper working at its nest cavity, red wing blackbirds chasing each other, and a great blue heron looking for breakfast at the water’s edge.

(Great Blue Heron)

Lady slippers, Canada mayflowers, fringed polygala and star flowers were some of the plants we found.  Below is a picture of a lady slipper.

There were also some big bullfrogs lurking in the water, like the one pictured below.

There is a parking lot among the trees on Mill St. It will be on your right if you come from the golf course end. You have passed the lot if you reach Partridge Rd. in Hopkinton.  For more information, call Mary at 429-5929.

The walk is an easy one, perhaps a mile in all, and this property is a gem.  We hope you join us for the first time or again!