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Board of Selectmen Meets -- May 27, 2015

by Nancy Farrell

The Screening Committee for a new Town Administrator presented candidates to the Board of Selectmen for their review and selection.

Presenting three candidates for the Town Administrator's position, Screening Committee Chair Fran Colantonio described the group's task and process to the Board. The committee worked with The Collins Center for Public Management at UMass/Boston which shared guidelines for selection and conducted intensive background checks on the applicants. Each committee member reviewed the twenty-one qualified applicants for the job. Yes, no, or maybe votes of committee members quickly showed a consensus that reduced the pool of candidates to nine. Entering the interview stage, each committee member came up with one or two questions and the group created a set of questions to be asked of each candidate. Following the interviews, three "very solid candidates" remained. Colantonio commented that though there had been a lot of debate among candidates, it was not contentious or divisive. He also mentioned that they had heard from all the candidates that the Town Administrator position was much sought after, that Holliston's stability presented special opportunities. Chairman Jay Marsden commended Paul LeBeau's special stewardship for this.

The interviews are currently scheduled for next Wednesday, June 3 at 4pm, 5:30pm, and 7pm. The interviews are public and residents are welcome to ask questions of the candidates. Follow-up events for candidate(s) to meet residents and tour the town will be scheduled soon.

Treasurer Mary Bousquet and Town Accountant Sharon Emrick addressed the Board with matters of Financial Policy that formalize practices and improve financial accounting. Transparency and clear definition of policy are the focus. Paul LeBeau pointed out that the most important change contained in the Financial Policies regards the post-employment use of the Town Health Insurance. The new Town Debit cards will be used to avoid the purchase route where an employee uses personal resources to be later be reimbursed by the Town. Jay Leary asked whether a dollar amount limit should be added to Debit Card use. A review of this issue brought up whether a conversation about and scrutiny of a purchase above $1000. added a level of protection or a layer of bureaucracy. A $1000. limit for Debit Card purchases will be added to the Financial Policy changes. Jay Leary pointed out that Water Enterprise Fund needs to be added to the list. The policies were approved. A final document will be prepared for signature at next week's meeting and will be available on the Town's server thereafter. Jay Marsden commended Mary Bousquet and Sharon Emrick for their good work, "Institutional memories fail. It's good to formalize things."