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Sports Profile: Cole Childs

by Alex Gregg


Sports Profile: Cole Childs
By Alex Gregg
As he lines up his Callaway FT-5 driver, Cole Childs is in deep thought about his next shot. It’s just him and the ball, nothing else. Silence. He pulls the club straight back and in a split second swings with perfect accuracy. 
Childs has now been playing golf for twelve years, and made the varsity team both his freshman and sophomore year.  He has been a major contribution to the team because he is one of the best golfers for his age group, 16-19, in the country. In fact Childs confidently said, “I’m ranked 625th in the nation for my age group.”
Childs said he first got into golf because, “When I grew up in New Hampshire, my family lived by a driving range. My dad would always go to hit some balls, and I would go with him. Ever since then I have been playing golf.”  A golf website,, has quoted Childs saying, “Now in my fifth year of competitive golf, I am beginning to understand what it takes to win.”
Childs has played in many tournaments around the country, and has won some of the major tournaments such as the Ijgt Hershey’s classic, and the Reese’s peanut butter cup event in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Chris Murphy, the varsity golf coach at HHS, said, “Cole is competitive and experienced beyond his years. He is battle tested, and almost obsessively dedicated to improving.”
This pays off, because Childs is currently playing the first spot on the varsity team. “I love being a part of the team,’’ Childs said. “It's great to play golf competitively, but when you"re on a team with friends, it's just fun.”
Steve Diciccio, varsity golfer and junior at HHS, said, “Cole is a great person to have on the team. He is one of the greatest golfers I have ever seen.”
Mr. Murphy has been coaching the HHS team for six years, and has known Childs for his two years at high school. “Cole is, as a sophomore, as good as any other golfer I have seen through this program.” said Mr. Murphy.  Childs has a swing coach to help the physical part of the game, and Mr. Murphy helps him with the mental approaches and preparing for matches.
Sam Shively, Junior Varsity golfer and sophomore, said, “As a golfer, everyone admires Cole. He strikes the ball great, and even on his bad days plays to perfection.”  Childs’ best round was a score of 63 on a par 72. Any golfer knows that a 9-under-par round is one to remember. Childs’ favorite course is Whistling Straits, which is located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Kohler, Wisconsin.
As Childs continues to move on through his high school career, he can only improve in the game of golf. For those who have witnessed Childs play, they might think it is impossible for him to improve. He thinks differently.