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Holliston Streets Trivia

by Ann Adams

Holliston Streets trivia:  How many streets are in Holliston?  Answer: 288, a number that should not be mentioned in polite company because it is too gross (hint: a gross is 12 dozen).  Attached is the list of public and private streets in Holliston and their correct spellings.  If you don’t recognize some of the streets it is because they are under construction now.  And in the future the number won’t be 288 anymore…whew!

Some of the most misspelled streets are: Jarr Brook Road, Smithhurst Drive, Stonybrook Drive, Summit Pointe Drive, Sweet Grass Lane and Timber Ledge Drive.  Google Maps allows misspellings of “Jarbrook” and “Timberledge” but spells them correctly on their map.  But if you request Smithhurst with one “h” you will not be looking at Holliston.

Street names are made of 2 parts: the specific and the generic.  The generic is the “street” or “road” part.  In Holliston we have 18 different generics.  Can you guess the 6 generics with only one specific?

Answer: Crossing, Cove, Glen, Landing, Run, Rise.  Bonus points: can you name those streets?

Can you name the generic with the most specifics?  The count of each generic is: Street 83, Road 79, Drive 44, Lane 32, Way 13, Circle 12, Place 6, Path 4, Avenue 3, Trail 2, Terrace 2, Row 2, and the 6 singles above.

What we really want is a map of Holliston with these correctly spelled names.  We are looking for a cartographer or a young man looking for an Eagle Scout project.  We have GIS specialists who will help. But we need a volunteer with good attention to detail.  If interested contact me at    Also, let me know if you’d be interested in having one of these maps.  The cost of printing a 24”x 36” on tear-proof material would be around $10. 

Hope you enjoyed this little “talk on the street” 

Adam Wheeler Lane

Adams Street

Alberta Lane

Alden Road

Alpine Drive

Amy Lane

Andrew Lane

Anna Place

Anne Marie Drive

Appleyard Lane

Arch Street

Arthur Street

Ashland Street

Austin Road

Avon Street

Baker Street

Balancing Rock Drive

Bald Hill Road

Bartzak Drive

Bayberry Lane

Beatrice Lane

Beaver Brook Drive

Beverly Circle

Birch Road

Birchwood Road

Bogastow Brook Road

Bonney Drive

Boulder Road

Boynton Road

Bradford Jay Road

Brandon Lane

Briarcliff Lane

Bridle Path

Brook Street

Brookview Road

Bullard Lane

Bullard Street

Burnap Road

Byron Road

Cabot Road

Carl Road

Carlton Drive

Cassandra Lane

Cedar Road

Cedar Street

Cemetery Road

Central Street

Chamberlain Street

Charles Street

Cheryl Lane

Chestnut Street

Christopher Road

Church Place

Church Street

Clark Drive

Clover Lane

Cold Spring Road

Colonial Way

Concord Street

Connolly Way

Constitution Circle

Copper Lane

Cottage Drive

Country Road

Courtland Pines Drive

Courtland Street

Cranberry Lane

Cross Street

Curve Street

Cynthia Circle

Dalton Road

David Street

Day Road

Dean Road

Deer Run Road

Dixon Circle

Dodd Drive

Donna Road

Dorset Road

Doug Brown Way

Dudley Road

Dunster Road

Elm Street

Erin Way

Everett Street

Evergreen Road

Exchange Street

Fairlane Way

Fairview Circle

Fairview Street

Fieldstone Drive

Fisher Street

Fiske Pond Road

Fiske Street

Forest Park Drive

Foxwood Cove

Francine Drive

Franklin Street

Front Street

Fruit Street

Garett Way

George Street

Glacier Way

Gorwin Drive

Goulding Street

Governor Prence Way

Granite Street

Great Meadow Road

Green Street

Greenview Drive

Gregory Road

Gretchen Lane

Grove Street

Hampshire Street

Hanlon Road

Hargrave Avenue

Harness Lane

Hemlock Drive

Heritage Way

Hiawatha Trail

High Rock Road

High Street

Highland Street

Hill Street

Hillside Drive

Hollis Street

Holly Lane

Hopping Brook Road

Howard Street

Indian Circle

Indian Ridge Road

Indian Ridge Road South

Irving Place

Jackson Drive

Jarr Brook Road

Jasper Hill Road

Jeffrey Avenue

Jennings Road

Jerrold Street

Johnson Drive

Juniper Road

Kampersal Road

Karen Circle

Kathryn Lane

Katies Way

Kim Place

Kingsbury Drive

Kuniholm Drive

Lakeshore Drive

Laurel Glen

Linden Street

Little Road

Locust Street

Lone Oak Circle

Louis Street

Lowland Street

Madison Drive

Maeder Row

Manchester Circle

Maple Dell Lane

Maple Street

Marilyn Street

Marked Tree Road

Marshall Street

Mary Chris Road

Mayflower Landing

Meadowbrook Lane

Mechanic Street

Mellen Street

Metcalf Drive

Mill Street

Minuteman Circle

Mitchell Road

Mohawk Path

Monroe Drive

Morgans Way

Morse Farm Lane

Morton Street

Nason Hill Road

Noel Drive

Norfolk Lane

Norfolk Street

Norland Street

North Mill Street

Northway Street

Oak Street

Oakhurst Lane

Oakridge Road

October Hill Road

Old Cart Path

Old Locust Street

Old Sawmill Road

Old Town Road

Orchard Lane

Overlook Drive

Pamela Drive

Partridge Way

Paul Road

Pearl Street

Persis Place

Peter Street

Piedmont Drive

Pilgrim Road

Pine Oak Street

Pine Street

Pinecrest Road

Pleasant Street

Pleasure Point Road

Pond View Road

Pope Road

Powder Horn Lane

Praying Indian Way

Prentice Street

Prospect Street

Quail Run

Queens Terrace

Quincy Place

Railroad Street

Raleigh Road

Regal Street

Regency Drive

Rich Road

Richard Road

Ridge Road

Robert Road

Roberta Circle

Robin Hill Road

Rockland Street

Rocky Woods Trail

Rogers Road

Rolling Meadow Drive

Roy Avenue

Ruthellen Road

Sabina Drive

Saddle Ridge Road

Saint Mary's Cemetery Rd

School Street

Scott Drive

Shaw Farm Road

Shea Drive

Short Road

Silver Lane

Skyview Terrace

Smith Row

Smithhurst Drive

South Street

Sparrow Lane

Spring Street

Springdale Circle

Spruce Street

Stagecoach Road

Stoddard Park Road

Stonybrook Drive

Summer Street

Summit Pointe Drive

Sweet Grass Lane

Taylor Road

Tea Party Lane

Temi Road

Timber Ledge Drive

Tracy Lyn Road

Travis Road

Turner Road

Underwood Street

Union Street

Vine Street

Walnut Road

Washington Path

Washington Street

Water Street

Webster Drive

Wedgewood Drive

Wendy Lane

West Street

Westfield Drive

Whispering Lane

Whitney Street

Wilkins Road

Willowgate Rise

Wilson Street

Winchester Drive

Windsor Drive

Wingate Road

Winston Road

Winter Street

Winthrop Street

Woodland Street

Woods Crossing

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Before commissioning a new map, take a look at Most of your work has already been done, and you can make corrections to the database yourself (I've fixed Mellen St, for example)

Peter | 2015-04-02 10:09:55