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Years of Service Recognition for Chief Moore and Sergeant Dalrymple

by Lt. David Gatchell


                                                 (Chief John Moore)

I am writing to express our gratitude for your four years of service as the Chief of Police for the Holliston Police Department.  As you are aware four years as an Executive Leader of a Law Enforcement agency can feel like a lifetime causing Chiefs to level out and “go with the flow”; however, that is not the case with you. 

Your promotion to Chief, strong work ethic, knowledge, and natural leadership abilities has started a new era that has vaulted us into the future with a strong plan to continue the highly professional service you extract from the employees working for you. Your constant drive to move the Holliston Police Department forward in service, integrity, and professionalism does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated by the members of your department.

We are fortunate to have you leading us into the future and we are excited to see where we are going next.  Personally, I want to thank you for the knowledge, experience, and mentoring you have bestowed upon me.



                                         (Sergeant Glenn Dalrymple)

On this date you have reached twenty-nine (29) years of service with the Holliston Police Department. You, as are we, should be extremely proud of this accomplishment. During your time with this organization you have perfected your skills in a wide variety of law enforcement tasks to include an expertise in firearms, as a use of force instructor, breathalyzer administrator, director of the police honor guard, field training director of new officers, and our department’s intern program coordinator. You have served with distinction during your many years in this profession, the vast majority of which you have assumed supervisory and leadership roles essential to carrying out our essential mission to protect and serve the public.

Your commitment to the community you work in, and just as importantly, the officers that have served under and with you, has been unquestionable during your three decades of devoted service. This Town has been the fortunate recipient of your reassuring and confident presence during your tenure, and I feel comfortable speaking for them in saying “thank you for all you do.”

Please accept this department’s gratitude for upholding the values of fairness, integrity, respect, teamwork and service that we, as an organization, and as individuals, hold so dear as police officers dedicated to the ideal of insuring the public’s trust in our ability to keep them safe and secure.

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Well deserved! Your day-day public service is appreciated. Thank you, Chief Moore and Sgt.Dalrymple! The HPD is a fine example of responsibility to and concern for the townspeople. Richard

R. Enwright | 2015-03-24 18:49:10