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Volkssport Club Holliston Walk

by Bea Hait

The event is non-competitive and participants are encouraged to walk at their own pace along the route marked with ribbons and arrows. Walkers are offered a choice of walking one or two 5 km (3.1 mile) loops. All participants are invited to stay for the Soup Social after the walk.

The start point is Jordan Hall at the First Congregational Church, 725 Washington Street, Holliston on Saturday March 28th. Registration times are 9:30-10:30 a.m. for 10 km walkers (those walking both loops) and 10:30-11:00 a.m. for 5 km walkers. Times are staggered so all can finish shortly before the soup is served starting at Noon.

The first loop takes walkers through the Thomas Hollis Historic District and past the “Moon Tree” by the police station,

the 8-arch Bogastaw Brook Aqueduct and through Mudville. The second loop heads through downtown Holliston, through a residential area and past the high school.

What is the “Moon Tree” you ask? The “Moon Tree” is an American sycamore planted by Holliston Garden Club in 1982 at the police station on Washington Street. It was grown from seeds that were part of the cargo of the Apollo 14 moon mission in 1971. The seeds were germinated by the Forest Service and distributed to two towns in each state across the US as part of the US bicentennial celebration.

The entire walk route is on paved surfaces suitable for strollers but would be difficult for wheelchairs due to a lack of curb cuts. Snow has melted and the sidewalks are clear. (Let’s hope Mother Nature doesn’t throw us another white surprise before next Saturday.) Leashed pets are welcome but clean-up laws apply. However, pets cannot be allowed in the dining hall.

Volkssporting events promote “Fun, Fitness and Friendship” by providing walking and other non-competitive events such as biking, swimming and cross-county skiing to the public. Volkssporting also offers an achievement awards program. For a brochure of this event or other information, please contact 508-429-3564, or or see for information on volkssport events in the USA.