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Greetings from Chester UK

by Tony Haslam 12/27/2018

Originally published in December 2009 Greetings from Chester UK Having seen the pictures of decorated homes in Holliston, I took a few of the homes here in Chester for you to see. As a friend of Paul Saulnier (HR) I often read the Hollison Reporter and find it most interesting and am impressed with the Community Spirit that you folks show.



Our Railroad Story in the UK

by Tony Haslam 2/15/2013

Hollistonians may be interested in my report on British railway tracks falling into disrepair.



Rail Trails: UK Style

by Tony Haslam 10/6/2010

Rail Trails: UK Style's Foreign Correspondant filed this report on a rails-to-trails conversion near his hometown in England. Hollistonians maybe interested in my hometown's conversion from railroad to a cycle/footpath/bridlepath. It forms part of Sustrans Cycle network which covers the whole of the UK.  


Are You From Around Here: Liverpool Version

by Tony Haslam 3/19/2010

Are You From Around Here: Liverpool Version  HR's Foreign Correspondent Are You From Around Here? had me is stitches and made me think back to my early days in Liverpool where I was born 65 years ago, about a mile from Aintree Racecourse.