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Lots of Questions, Few Answers, Part 2

by Mark Schultz 4/30/2015

When I was first elected to the Finance Committee in 1996 the Board of Water Commissioners discussed our aging pipes and how we will need a plan to handle pipe replacement. This was something we needed to do. Almost twenty years have past and we are FINALLY starting to do something about it.



Lots of Questions, Few Answers, Part 1

by Mark Schultz 4/28/2015

I have more questions than answers concerning a number of issues before the town. Especially because in two of these issues the citizens of the town will have no vote on them and the present resolutions are do not appear very advantageous to residents. These will be in taken up in two parts, first the Rail Trail and later the Water Surcharge  



My Current Job Market

by Mark Schultz 3/1/2014



Holliston Youth Needs Support

by Mark Schultz 12/7/2013

Local child is facing a tough time at this Holiday season.  


A Response to Mr. Dowd

by Mark Schultz 1/2/2013

Historically almost no one runs for these jobs ...



Apathy on the Run

by Mark Schultz 4/17/2012

As some have heard, I am ending my tenure on the Holliston FinCom. I must say that I am stunned and extremely disappointed to learn that no one has filed to run for any of the three positions open on the Finance Committee.  This is appalling.



Reflections on an Election

by Mark Schultz 5/20/2009

Reflections on an Election "The numbers tell a very sad story"  by Mark Schultz