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A Few Good Things in Today's Economy

by Edward Moloney 1/26/2010

A Few Good Things in Today's Economy Every day we listen to the radio and hear how bad the economy is. We hear how people are losing their jobs and how different members of our government have been involved in corruption. So I wanted to highlight some positive things in our world.



The $8,000 Home Buying Tax Credit

by Edward Moloney 9/10/2009

The $8000 Home Buying Tax Credit... ... and how it may help someone who wants to move back to Holliston meet the goal. We have all been inundated with information as it relates to the government and their efforts in keeping the housing market moving ahead.


Yes, People can still Get Mortgages

by Edward Moloney 12/10/2008

Yes, People can Still Get Mortgages Everyday people come up to me or my wife and say wow, it must be tough for anyone in real estate related industries these days since the banks are not lending money. I was puzzled why this theme seemed to be recurring time and time again.