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Ken Lefebrve, Jr.

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Holliston's Poets

by Ken Lefebrve, Jr. 5/21/2012

If you should ever venture out to the college hub that is Amherst, Massachusetts, you’ll find yourself immersed in a culture of poetry and prose unlike any other in the Commonwealth.



The Massachusetts of 2040

by Ken Lefebrve, Jr. 3/7/2012

As election cycles come to pass every few years, they bring to light those hot-button issues reflecting problems that are of the most immediate concern to the most people. The distant future however, is often mentioned in passing but rarely discussed with detail; everyone wishes for the next generation's wellbeing but seldom do we give that vision shape.


What are Your Concerns

by Ken Lefebrve, Jr. 2/29/2012

I'm currently running a survey with other members of the Roosevelt Institute to try to gauge the concerns of the people of the Commonwealth.


Braggville: Portrait of a Community's Past: Part 2

by Ken Lefebrve, Jr. 8/21/2011

One of many granite walls along South Street in Braggville, constructed from many of the granite stones that could be found in the fields nearby.



Braggville: Portrait of a Community's Past: Part 1

by Ken Lefebrve, Jr. 8/14/2011

Map of Braggville 1850-1880, adapted from a map by Ernest A. Bragg