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Looking Back: Jets Over Holliston?

by Mike Raftus 9/26/2011

(first published in Holliston Reporter,  September 28, 2008 in two parts)   As we all know, driving through downtown Holliston has its problems: traffic flow and safety, pedestrian crossings, road construction, etc. We are lucky that we never had to deal with the threat that loomed over Holliston in 1970.    My wife, Maggie, and I had just moved to Holliston in June 1970 with an 18-month old baby girl and another on the way. We bought our first house on Chamberlain Street in Brentwood (currently the home of the John Shannahan family). 



SUN-'n-FUN Air Show

by Mike Raftus 6/2/2010

SUN-'n-FUN Air Show Two HOLLISTONIANS attend the SUN-'n-FUN International Fly-in and Expo in Lakeland, Florida. Lloyd Bernegger and Mike Raftus had a great time, and did some work too.


Looking Back: Jets Over Holliston? (Part 2)

by Mike Raftus 9/26/2008

  Looking Back: Jets Over Holliston? Part 2.   Rep. Losch presented additional petitions with thousands of signatures from all of the 13 allied towns to the Governor at a Framingham political function. The pressure from citizens groups, politicians (Rep. Losch and State Rep and future Governor, Michael Dukakis) as well as some area agencies, such as the Massachusetts Area Planning Council (MAPC) finally convinced Governor Sargent, and by 1971 the Jetport Proposal Bill never came to a legislative vote.